WVU Football projected depth chart for 2024 (2024)

Taking a stab at what the WVU Football depth chart might look like in 2024.

Chris Anderson

Big12 Media Days are coming up this week. That means there is a chance at an official WVU Football depth chart being released in the next day or two. It's possible. And "official" might be a bit strong. For years, there were stacks of official team guides that stacked up on tables at these Big 12 Media Days and, in WVU's, was a depth chart. That changed last year. Head Coach Neal Brown elected to not put out a depth chart. At all. Instead, we took a stab at one each and every week leading up to the season, and it ended up being exactly correct.

So why not try to do it again, especially if there is a chance WVU is the only Big 12 team not to release a depth chart again? Here's our first shot at projecting a depth chart heading into the season, with some notes under each position to explain our picks.


  • Garrett Greene
  • Nicco Marchiol

Were you expecting something different here? Greene is the no doubt starter. Marchiol was the backup all of last season, and the coaching staff raved about his performance and improvement this spring. I have no reason to think that he won't be the backup, even with the addition of Ryder Burton from BYU early in the summer.


  • CJ Donaldson OR Jahiem White

Of course this is going to be the way it is listed. WVU loves "OR" listings. Heck, all college coaches love "OR" listings. This is one where it is truly warranted, though. Donaldson and White will split carries this year. They're both productive. They're both explosive. I wouldn't be shocked if there were multiple games this year where both of them are on the field for the first snap, either.


  • Kole Taylor
  • Treylan Davis


  • Jaden Bray
  • Rodney Gallagher

Tight end is pretty straight forward. Taylor is the starter. Davis was the backup last year. I have no reason to think he's being overtaken for the backup spot quite yet. Slot? This is going to get weird, because all of these receivers have to find a spot somewhere..... right? I'm sliding Bray back inside here, as the staff has said he could play inside or out. I'm going with him here for now.


  • Traylon Ray
  • Hudson Clement


  • Justin Robinson
  • Preston Fox

I'm most fascinated by these receiver spots, including slot, as seen above. WVU had some guys coming back that were, basically, starters by season's end..... and then they went out and added two new guys that they're expecting to be starters (or close to it) in Bray and Robinson. Who goes where? How much does it matter?


  • Wyatt Milum
  • Johnny Williams


  • Tomas Rimac
  • Sullivan Weidman


  • Brandon Yates
  • Landen Livingston


  • Ja'Quay Hubbard
  • Nick Krahe


  • Nick Malone
  • Xavier Bausley

Somehow, with five different spots and ten different players, this is the least confusing position group on the field. The starters seem pretty set right now, although Bausley will certainly push at right tackle, and WVU may experiment to make sure they have the five best out there.


  • Sean Martin
  • TJ Jackson


  • Fatorma Mulbah
  • Hammond Russell


  • Edward Vesterinen
  • Asani Redwood

I feel pretty confident in the starters. I feel pretty confident in Jackson and Russell being two of the key backups in the rotation. I would same the same about Redwood, but another injury in the spring has me wondering. But.... who replaces him if he's not ready? Depth isn't quite what it was.


  • Tyrin Bradley
  • Ty French

It's funny, these are two drastically different looking players. Bradley is a legit 260 pounds. Maybe more. He's viewed as an athletic defensive end, basically. French looks small when standing next to Bradley, more like a true linebacker. But both are expected to play this season and rush the passer. It screams 'package' defense with these two filling different roles, but playing the same position.


  • Trey Lathan
  • Reid Carrico


  • Josiah Trotter
  • Ben Cutter

You could tell me a lot of different things about who will start at linebacker and where, and I could believe it all. I'm leaning toward the highest end potential as the starters, with Lathan and Trotter both being ahead of Cutter before suffering injuries last season. I'm assuming they bounce back and take their jobs back.


  • Garnett Hollis
  • TJ Crandall OR Jacolby Spells


  • Ayden Garnes
  • Dontez fa*gan OR Kekoura Tarnue

Five transfer cornerbacks fighting for four spots. Add in Spells, the lone returner..... but he's out until the fall due to injury. When is "the fall?" Good question. So far, no clear answer on that, as it originally sounded like he would be back for the start of fall camp, but now sounds more like the first or second week of the season. For now, I'm going with Hollis and Garnes as best bets to play this season.


  • Aubrey Burks
  • Zae Jennings


  • Anthony Wilson
  • Josiah Jackson


  • Jaheem Joseph
  • Jacob Boyce

Wilson was the starter at CAT last season. Burks was the starter at FREE, but made the move to SPEAR. Joseph comes over from Northwestern, and I expect him to jump right into the starting role that Burks left behind. Behind that? Phew. A lot of inexperience, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some of those backup cornerbacks move over to backup safety, too.


  • Michael Hayes
  • RJ Kocan


  • Oliver Straw
  • Leighton Bechdel


  • Rodney Gallagher
  • Jaylen Anderson


  • Preston Fox
  • Rodney Gallagher

I have no reason to think anything is changing with the specialists. Austin Brinkman will still be the long snapper, too, meaning WVU has their main guys back at those positions. In the return game? A lot of the same as well, with Gallagher getting more reps there and Fox still providing some solid punt returns.

WVU Football projected depth chart for 2024 (2024)
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