49 Authentic Scottish Recipes You Should Try * The Homesteading Hippy (2024)

Whether you have a Scottish heritage and want to bring back some favorite memories – or you’d just like to get more creative in your cooking – there are plenty of ways to keep Scotland close to your heart in the kitchen.

Scottish cuisine tends to incorporate a variety of fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy products, and game. It relies on minimal seasoning and simplicity, not including many of the more exotic (and more expensive) spices you might see in other cultures’ cuisines.

Therefore, Scottish cooking is some of the cheapest you can make. You don’t have to have a pantry full of hard-to-pronounce ingredients. In fact, most of these recipes incorporate foods and spices you probably already have stocking the cupboards at home.

They don’t take long to make, and many can be whipped up in large batches and refrigerated or frozen for eating later in the week or month, if you enjoy the ability to food prep.

These recipes are some of the country’s best – and don’t worry, many of them are easy to make. Here are 49 authentic Scottish recipes you should consider putting on your weekly breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu rotation.

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1. Cullen Skink

This is another traditional Scottish recipe that is just as fun to say as it is to eat. It’s a lot less complicated than you might think, too, consisting mostly of smoked haddock and some mixed herbs.

Find the recipe here.

2. Haggis

No Scottish recipe round-up would be complete without the addition of haggis, now would it? This recipe – traditionally made with sheep’s stomach – might not be for everyone, but it is 100% Scottish for users. Here’s a recipe you can try.

3. Scottish Stovies

This recipe uses up all of your Easter dinner ingredients, from leftover lamb to potatoes, and even a few turnips. Get the recipe.

4. Scottish Meat and Tatties

There’s nothing too exotic or out-of-the-box about this dish, but it’s sure to warm your belly – and your heart! – on a cold winter night. Find the full recipe here.

5. Scottish Shepherd’s Pie

Who doesn’t love a tasty shepherd’s pie? This recipe includes Greek yogurt and white cheddar cheese for a unique spin on the classic.

6. Scotch Eggs with Mustard Sauce

I’m not a big egg fan, but you can’t deny that eggs are a huge part of the traditional Scottish breakfast. Here’s a tasty recipe for you to try.

7. Scottish Kedgeree

Haddock. Rice. Methi. Butter. I can’t get enough of this Scottish kedgeree recipe – you can learn how to make it here.

8. Cranachan

Cranachan is a delicious Scottish dessert made with hefty ingredients like sugar, scotch whisky, and heavy whipping cream. You’ll lighten it up by adding fruit. Find the recipe here.

9. Tipsy Laird

This recipe is essentially the same thing as trifle, the British pudding that is so omniscient. A traditional recipe for Burn’s Night, this pudding is easy to make and beautiful to look at with multiple layers of custard, raspberries, sponge cake, and whipped cream.

Of course, there’s a dash of whiskey in there, too! Here is the recipe.

10. Instant Pot Skirlie

I don’t have an Instant Pot yet but I’m dying to get one – and this skirlie recipe doesn’t have me feeling any less excited! Here is the recipe.

11. Traditional Scottish Dundee Cake

With orange juice and brown sugar, this cake is just about as sweet as can be. Here is the recipe.

12. Glasgow Hot Toddy

No Scottish recipe roundup would be complete without a drink or two! This hot toddy recipe is just what you need to warm you up after a long day outdoors. Here’s how to make it.

13. Clootie Dumpling

A clootie dumpling is essentially a fruitcake, blending together suet, currants, oats, and spices. It’s not exactly the dumpling you’re familiar with, but it’s one you’re sure to love. Here’s how to make it.

14. Scottish Bap

This recipe is more or less a hearty white roll recipe – but with a twist. Give it a try here.

15. Macaroni Pie

This is a recipe that’s a bit on the newer side, but it’s still incredibly delicious. Give it a go by following this recipe.

16. Spiced Sultana Griddle Scones

Scones are classic British recipes, but you can thank the Scots for these delicious griddle scones. It won’t take you long to whip up a big batch. Try this recipe.

17. Authentic Scottish Scones

Scones – need I say more? Here’s the recipe.

18. Scottish Rumbledethumps

There’s nothing I love more than this recipe – except its name, perhaps. It’s not only fun to say, but it’s fun to eat and to cook, too. It’s made with simple ingredients like cabbage, cheddar cheese, potatoes – oh, and lots of butter, too! Here’s the recipe.

19. Scottish Beef Stew

What’s better than beef stew? Scotsish beef stew! It’s pretty much the same beef stew you’ve always known and loved, but this one has potato cakes and currant jelly to shake things up a bit.

Here is the recipe.

20. Scottish Cabbage Rolls

It seems like just about every country has its own spin on cabbage rolls – but these Scottish cabbage rolls are some of my favorite. Here is the recipe.

21. Scots Christmas Pudding

Ok, full disclosure – you don’t just have to eat this delicious Christmas pudding on Christmas. I like it year-round! You can find the full recipe here.

22. Vegan Haggis

Another haggis recipe for you to try is this vegan haggis. It has none of the less-than-savory ingredients you might find in typical haggis but instead includes vegetables and other heart-healthy ingredients like carrots, puy lentils, and sunflower seeds.

You can view the recipe here.

23. Traditional Scottish Meat Pies

With tender chunks of stewing beef and delicate rosemary flavors, this meat pie is hearty and hefty, perfect for a chilly winter night. Here is the recipe.

24. Scottish Black Bun

This is another delicious recipe right from Scotland, one that can be used either as a dessert or a breakfast treat. Here is the link to the recipe.

25. Abernethy Biscuits

Abernathy biscuits are great on their own, as a dessert, or even as a side dish. You can see more information about how to make them by following this link.

26. Clapshot

This traditional vegetable dish is straight out of Scotland, perfect as a side dish for pork, beef, lamb, or, of course, haggis. You can view the detailed list of instructions here.

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27. Traditional Scottish Shortbread

This recipe is one of my favorites! It has tons of light, flaky layers that are perfect in a cookie, or a larger cake-like batch. It’s perfect for the holidays! You can find the recipe here.

28. Traditional Scottish Stovies

Looking for a basic Scottish potato recipe? Consider this recipe here. It’s easy to make and is the perfect side dish.

29. Whisky Tea

Nothing’s better than tea – unless it has whisky in it. Here’s a tasty, warming recipe.

30. Empire Biscuits

This is technically another shortbread cookie recipe, but I can’t help myself. These have a unique, colorful appearance that make them perfect for the holidays. Try the recipe or yourself – you can find it here.

31. Haggis-Stuffed Turkey

Sorry, another haggis recipe! This one is a great introduction to haggis and is perfect for the holidays. Here are some details on how to make it.

32. Scottish Millionaire Shortbread

This authentic Scottish recipe puts a spin on my favorite shortbread recipe, incorporating all kinds of goodies like sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips. You can find the recipe here.

33. Simplified Haggis

This haggis recipe isn’t quite as bold as the one I included earlier in this article – it’s made out of chicken liver and ground lamb instead of stomach. It might be a good introduction to haggis if the regular version makes your stomach turn! View the recipe here.

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34. Scottish co*ck-a-Leekie Soup

I’ll be honest – the name of this recipe does make me giggle a bit. It’s a savory soup that’s perfect for a cold night, loaded with bacon, chicken pieces, and dried plums. View the details here.

35. Scottish Bubbles and Squeak Patties

Another giggle-worthy name! Scottish bubbles and squeak patties are fun to say, fun to cook, and of course, fun to eat. Here’s how to make them.

36. Bannock

There’s nothing I love more than cooking in a cast-iron skillet, and this recipe makes it all possible – and then some! Give it a try – it shouldn’t take you too long to whip up a batch. View all of the details here.

37. Minced Collops

This Scottish recipe offers cooks a delicious way to stretch the ground beef a bit. It is easy to make and goes well with a whole host of side dishes. Here are some details on how to make it.

38. Glazed Venison Sausages with Neeps and Tatties

Venison is a classic Scottish meat, and it’s a popular meat in my household, too. You can find out how to make this filling dish by following this link.

39. Milk Tablet

There’s a lot of milk in this recipe – fair warning, it’s not for the lactose intolerant! That said, it’s absolutely scrumptious. I guess it’s technically a desert, but I’d eat it for breakfast, too. Here’s the recipe.

40. Bacon Clapshot

If you like the clapshot recipe I told you about earlier, then you’ll want to give this bacon clapshot recipe a try. It’s the same as the other potato recipe, but it includes bacon – sorry, vegetarians. Here’s the recipe.

41. Easy Scottish Sausage Rolls

If you’re looking for a quick breakfast recipe, you might want to consider whipping up a batch of these easy Scottish sausage rolls on the weekend.

They heat back up really easily and don’t take that long to make in the first place, either. Have a look at the recipe here.

42. Scottish Crumpets

This delicious Scottish crumpets recipe is perfect for breakfast (or afternoon tea). Give it a try! You can see the details here.

43. Slow Cooked Scottish Beef Stew

I know, another beef stew recipe! But this one is perfect for the slow cooker, and it has cranberry sauce in it. What’s not to love?

You can view the recipe here.

44. Smoked Fish Pie

You can use just about any kind of fish in this smoked fish pie, but I recommend white fish like haddock or cod. It will warm you up on any night of the year and it also freezes surprisingly well if you want to make it in larger batches.

Here are some details on how to make it.

45. Authentic Scottish Porridge

Personally, I’m not one for porridge, but this recipe has me reconsidering. You can view all of the details right here.

46. Lorne-Style Fresh Breakfast Sausage

Lorne is a unique type of sausage that is fresh, uncased, and uncured, brought together with a medley of delicious spices.

I’m always on the lookout for new breakfast recipes, and this breakfast sausage recipe really fits the bill. Here are some details on how to make it.

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47. Scottish Oatcakes

These cakes are easy to make, ideal for breakfast or for tea time. You can view the recipe here.

48. Damper

Here’s the perfect dish to make for outdoor snacking with the kids! It’s easy to make and easy to store. You can view the full ingredients’ list and instructions here.

49. Highland Toffee

This recipe is great for the holidays – you might want to make a large batch and slice it up to give as gifts. Or you could just make a huge batch for yourself. No judgment either way! Here are the details on how to make it.

There you have it! 50 hearty, tasty, and easy-to-make recipes from Scotland. Give one a try today, or wait until your next Burns Night celebration – the choice is yours!

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